Why I’m Grieved: A Response To The Baltimore Riots

It’s early on Friday morning and I’m up thinking, pondering, and sensing the Holy Spirit awakening me to write. I think to myself, Ok Lord…here we go. My heart and mind are grieved at the incidents that have recently taken place in our country in Baltimore. There is an uproar in the city and the nation. There are a host of different perspectives, views, and ideas in response to the death of Freddie Gray—the police’s response, the response of those in the city to his death, and the response of multitudes who have seen the events unfold through the media.

Why I’m Grieved

I’m grieved in my spirit at the loss of Freddie Gray’s life. I think about his potential and how I read one article that talked about how he had learned a trade in jail of brick laying and had a dream to work in that industry. In the article, it also talked about how a lawyer said he would not have wanted him to work for him due to his exposure to lead at a young age. Anytime there is death, it is the end of one’s work on the earth. I wonder how Freddie could have made an impact on his city, nation and the world through the gift God placed in him. I imagine how it would have been for someone to speak life into him and see him accomplish his dream overcoming his circumstances and past.

I’m grieved in my spirit over the response of the many people who rioted. It is a way to communicate. The communication of pain, of anger, of rage, and violence is a way to speak. It’s not a good way. I wonder what is going on with each of the people who rioted? What is their story? I would want to know, what did they experience as children in their city? Where are their parents? What have they seen to bring them to this point? What is their dream? I think about the need for someone to speak to each of these people and hear them in a different way; to speak truth over them and love them.

I’m grieved over the responses of many in the church. We all have different backgrounds, past experiences, wounds, and more. It is so evident that we’re different when something like this happens because the responses are varying. But, it can be quite disheartening when the Church responds like the world with blame, racism, bitterness, anger, division and strife. These responses can be so much like the world and not act as solutions to the multi-faceted problems in this situation and others like it.

My Heart and Hope

It’s amazing because yesterday evening I had the privilege of attending an event with my husband that was focused on Kingdom Business hosted by a local church that is starting a school of ministry. It was beautiful because, in this event, there were people of all different ethnic backgrounds, ages, genders, and types of work/ calling. There we all were; together wanting to learn and grow to get a vision for world changing businesses that partner with God to see His kingdom come in this nation and the world. It was like heaven because there we all were in unity, one mind, one purpose.

One thing the speaker said that stood out to me is that “God wants to use us to solve problems in the world. The world is waiting for us to bring solutions.”

I believe we live in a time in history like no other where God is raising up a generation of people who know their identity, who have true purpose and true calling to change the world in new, amazing ways.

When I think of Baltimore, I think of a city of people crying out for love. I also see the different perspectives that these issues bring out. I see black people who are angry, hurt, and sad because of racism, being misunderstood, labeled, and abused. Those who have experienced violence through other black people or from white people who are not healed.

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