Purpose of Spirit and Truth Blog

Jesus said that the true worshippers will worship God in Spirit and Truth. Unfortunately, there are many groups of believers who are imbalanced. Some are all about the biblical truth, while others heavily emphasize the Holy Spirit. These two were never meant to be separate; they are meant to operate in unison.

This blog is about the marriage of Spirit and Truth. It is a discussion where we try to understand the balance and how they work together to the glory of the Father. In this blog you may find articles about the Bible and ministry, insightful sermon videos, reports on what God is doing in the world today, and more. Ultimately, this blog is about Jesus and bringing him glory.

Thank you for visiting the Spirit & Truth Blog. I’m honored to be able to share with you what Jesus has taught me as he has been by my side. I may not always get it right, and we may disagree at times, but let that not stop us from seeking Him wholeheartedly. Let us not be afraid to ask the hard questions. Let us keep an open mind to a big God. Let us celebrate our differences and find unity in the One who truly matters. I invite you to join me on this journey as we seek to find truth together through the power of the Holy Spirit.  I love you as a brother in Christ.

– Luke Seavers

The Writer


Luke Seavers was born in Hershey, PA where he was raised in a Christian household and a strong Bible-believing church. Luke currently lives in Lynchburg, VA with his wife Semone.

Since graduating from Liberty University in 2012 with his bachelors in Worship and Music Studies, Luke (along with his wife) has been involved in various types of ministry ranging from worship leading to homeless outreach. Both having similar passions, Luke and Semone have been pursuing opportunities to serve the Lord and serve people through music, writing, discipleship, and teaching. God has been faithful to them and continues to provide for them and open up new doors of opportunity.


60782_10100967149312378_1131031406_nToday Luke and his wife minister through music both in and outside of the church. They also perform their original music as Luke & Semone. In December 2013 they released their debut EP Open Arms. As the Lord allows and leads, they desire to minister to the lost and unchurched through their music.

God has also given Luke gifts in producing music. In 2013, he started his own production company called One Nine Productions, the name of which comes from Joshua 1:9. Under One Nine Productions, Luke produces beats and instrumentals for rappers and other artists. Though the desire is for this music to provide some income for his family, Luke has also been using it to encourage various artists in their musical giftings by providing tracks and recording for free.


Though, for now, Luke and Semone Seavers remain planted in Lynchburg, they know God has something specific in store for them elsewhere. In 2011, while attending the Passion Conference in Atlanta, the Holy Spirt spoke to Luke his calling to missions. After a trip to Zimbabwe in 2012, Luke and Semone (who would soon become his wife) both felt strong confirmation that they would go to the nations. They know Africa is definitely in their future, but it seems their first stop may be Haiti. They continue to pray for direction for possible opportunities in Haiti. When the Lord opens the door, Luke and Semone are excited to fulfill  this calling on their lives. (Visit their website missions/ministry blog for any updates on their future plans in missions.)


Luke & Semone (music and ministry): lukeandsemone.com

One Nine Productions: onenineproductions.com